Welcome to the gateway between Heaven and earth, the Eternal Living and the living.  We use celestial technology to provide email to those that have passed on to the afterlife in Heaven.  Since being commissioned in 2002, we have exclusively indexed over 3,000,000 email addresses of the living and have made them available with Eternal Living to message their friends and family from the afterlife.

Those that have gone on before you can send you a message, conveniently and privately, through simple email messages.  The Eternal Living no longer need to resort to hauntings, or forced dreams, symbols in bread and smoke and the other message vehicles of the past.  Examples.

Once you have been contacted by an Eternal Living, you can reply and continue a conversation.  Save the address for your record keeping.  You cannot initiate contact to the Eternal Living, you can only reply to conversations they have started.

This service is offered for free to you and the Eternal. Thank you for using Heavens Mail Server technology.